Innovations and new developments


New Rotho® SDR series

Ragazzini has launched the new SDR series of pumps including 4 models of up to 180 m3/h for evacuating and pumping mining slurry, sludge from water treatment, activated sludge and all applications involving transfer of large quantities of liquids.
The pumps in the new series are available in two versions: single and double tube with the possibility of housing two different sizes of tube in the same pump stator to obtain the most appropriate flow rate for the specific application.
Tubes are available in various types of elastomer, including natural rubber, EPDM, nitrile and Hypalon.
Today the series of Rotho peristaltic pumps is one of the most extensive and diversified in the world to transfer slurries, fluids with suspended solid parts and fragile, abrasive, corrosive and viscous liquids.

SDR series

The series includes 4 pumps reaching up to 180 m3/hour. Two versions are available: single and double tube.


Retractable roller

The retractable roller system is indispensable for pumps:

  • in a food or beverages production process where the components must be cleaned and sterilised at regular intervals, ensuring perfect CIP and SIP washing.
  • in plants where the tubing must be flushed free of residues left by abrasive products such as limewash or similar.


Retractable roller system

An indispensable accessory for washing, flushing and sanitising tubes. Available for all the MS series and the PSF1 model.

Leak detector

All models (optional in the PSF series) are fitted with a float sensor to detect possible leaks of liquid caused by rupture of the tube.
This reduces contact between the pump and possibly aggressive liquids to a minimum.