Foundation centenary

1921-2021 RAGAZZINI turns 100!

Back in 1921, Mr. Ragazzini Pompeo, in a simple blacksmith's shop, gave rise to the birth of the company for the construction of oenological piston pumps driven by an electric motor under the name of Officine Ragazzini Pompe Oenologiche.

The need of the time was precisely to allow and facilitate cellar work, in the work of transferring liquids through the use of a device no longer operated by hand, but operated by an electric motor in order to shorten the time and effort of work and somehow and automating the cycle.
Soon the Ragazzini piston pump became an indispensable tool for the success of general pumping operation and on 1938 the patent N.360225 was applied to the pump itself.

The patent concerned in this case the “Crankshaft drive for double-acting piston pump”. This innovation was immediately revolutionary since, as can be seen from the drawing, the position of the crankshaft out of phase at 90 ° with respect to each other, allows for compensation in the work of the two cylinders and a consequent greater efficiency. In this way, the pump does not cause any mistreatment of the liquid inside and the pumping is much more stable and linear, thus the Ragazzini Electric Compensated Pump affirms itself.
Its expansion progressed more and more over time at a local and national level, until 1977 when the company was taken over by the Zaffagnini family who gave it an industrial transformation and impulse, while maintaining the technological characteristics that had distinguished the Ragazzini pump. The pump built up to now in bronze, is from that moment also built with in SS316 casting, giving it the possibility of always transferring the oenological products according to current food regulations with maximum performance.

The pump in the years to come is therefore also promoted outside Italy and begins to be exported, with the help of various local distributors, immediately arousing the interest of operators who can finally make use of a very robust, silent machine. suitable for pumping operations even the heaviest without losing efficiency and maintaining all its technical features unchanged over time.

In 1984, Ragazzini took a new step towards innovation and, alongside the piston pump, the construction of the Rotho-branded Peristaltic pump was also added. The intuition is not insignificant, as already in the hospital and industrial sector in general this peristaltic pumping system is the only and the best that can be used for fragile fluids, not to contaminate and sensitive to shear.

The introduction of the Rotho pump was a real revolution in the "handling" of wine products intended as wines, musts and heterogeneous ones such as grapes and pomace. Finally, with this system, the concept of "delicate pump" has been introduced, which preserves those organoleptic characteristics that are fundamental in oenology to obtain highly qualitative products and gives the Rotho pump the importance it deserves in the grape processing chain.