The Rotho Peristaltic Pump: an exclusive synonym for the Ragazzini Pump

Dating back 30 years, the Rotho peristaltic pump was first used in wine-making by Ragazzini. For the wine-making world, this represented a giant leap forward in quality.
The Rotho pump transfers the product delicately and simply, making it one of wine-making's most revolutionary tools in recent times and the best system to transfer such a fragile product as wine.
This is why the modern wine-making sector entrusts the delicate "transfer" phase to the Rotho pump, whether it involves liquids, destemmed grapes or drawn off pomace.

The pump operates on the principle of peristalsis, as used by the human digestive system, which contracts then relaxes a muscle around a tube causing the contents to move through it.
In the pump, an elastomer tube is repeatedly compressed down its full length by rollers. Between one pass of the propelling roller and the next, the tube returns to its original diameter, creating a vacuum that draws in the product to be transferred.
This movement generates a delicate pumping action, avoiding even minimal damage to the product and preventing any form of contamination by eliminating contact with mechanical parts.

The characteristic mechanism employed to compress the tube by means of rollers on bearings has a number of advantages:

  • no agitation or emulsifying
  • no crushing of heterogeneous products such as stems or pips
  • tube replacement is easy, clean and economical as there is no liquid to be evacuated and replaced inside the tube
  • no refrigerant liquid is needed in the pump casing as no friction is generated by the roller on the surface of the tube
  • the working life of the tube is prolonged as no friction is generated by the roller on its surface
  • no contamination or oxidation of the product
    if the tube ruptures, there is no risk of contamination as there is no refrigerant liquid
  • completely pressure tight if the pump stops
  • self-priming from 8.5 m enabling pumping from a depth
  • maximum rotation speed 50 rpm
  • flow direction can be reversed
  • can operate dry
  • no clogging
  • can be used to dose additives such as sulphur dioxide, bentonite etc.
  • quantities can be measured with maximum precision

The Rotho peristaltic pump can also be used 365 days a year for the most diverse processes in the winery. So when you buy a Rotho pump, you are not just buying a delicate "qualitative" pump, but also a "quantitative" pump.

It can in fact be used:

  • for harvesting, equipped with a feeder to load heterogeneous products such as whole grape clusters, machine-harvested grapes, destemmed grapes and pomace,
  • for transfers, converted by using specific connectors for liquids
  • for filling casks
  • for bottling

The Ragazzini Rotho pump is an indispensable tool and makes a simple contribution to achieving a high quality end product.