Peristaltic pump for wine-making and balsamic vinegar

Improve the quality of wine and balsam vinegar with the Rotho pump

The wine-making and balsam vinegar sectors are highly dynamic and demand production techniques that can improve quality and efficiency in order to stand out from the competition.

Ragazzini's research has created a pump that respects and preserves the integrity and quality of food products during the pumping process.

The Rotho peristaltic pump handles wine and must in all phases of production, drawn-off pomace, destemmed grapes and whole clusters, all with the greatest possible delicacy in order to preserve product quality.

Why the Rotho pump for wineries and vinegar production?

  • no agitation or emulsifying
  • no crushing of heterogeneous products such as stems or pips
  • tube replacement is easy, clean and economical as there is no liquid to be evacuated and replaced inside the tube
  • no liquid refrigerant in the pump body as the roller does not generate friction on the tube
  • extended tube life as the roller does not generate friction on the tube
  • no product contamination or oxidation if the tube ruptures as there is no refrigerant liquid
  • completely pressure tight if the pump stops
  • self-priming from 8.5 m enabling pumping from depths
  • maximum rotation speed 50/70 rpm
  • flow direction can be reversed
  • can operate dry
  • no clogging
  • can be used to dose additives such as sulphur dioxide, bentonite etc.
  • quantities can be measured with maximum precision
  • can pump products at a temperature of up to 95°C, for example, when pumping cooked must from the boiler
  • no product residues in the tube
  • the tube can be cleaned in accordance with food standards

Balsamic vinegar

This delicate pump transfers balsamic vinegar without causing any alteration at all. The roller compresses the tube containing the pumped product and accompanies it gently to the cask without agitation or emulsifying, preserving the full organoleptic and aromatic characteristics and typical liquorice-like dark colour and syrupy dense texture.

The slow rotation of the rotor and variable frequency of the motor enable a myriad of different flow rates to be obtained in the most diverse of pressure and high temperature conditions.

Using the delicate Rotho peristaltic pump system to transfer balsamic vinegar between casks or for topping up produces a high quality end product, with no loss of quality even during this phase, which has always been one of the most traumatic and complex parts of the production process.


Using the Rotho pump in wine-making

Processing and crushing grape clusters

In the wine-making sector, crushing whole grape clusters is an ever more important requisite, particularly for sparkling wines.
However, this is far from easy as filling the press with whole clusters, often delivered to the winery in very large bins, is laborious and costly.

The Rotho peristaltic pump can do this task very efficiently: a combination of delicacy and practicality.
The Rotho pump can be used to process whole grapes, improving the quality of the product. This gentle treatment obtains a very elegant must, free of the green vegetable notes typically resulting from maltreatment of the skins.

The Rotho pump does not damage either the grape berry or, above all, the skin, thus reducing the quantity of lees during static decantation of the must.

Transporting must and wine

The ability to preserve product quality is the strong point of Rotho peristaltic pumps in the wine and must sector. Ragazzini's Rotho technology is conceived and designed to preserve the quality of pumped products.

For example, the Rotho peristaltic pump can be used to transport just-fermented wine with a high CO2 content without any loss of gas.
This demonstrates the minimal stress undergone by wine transported using a Rotho pump. If not even the CO2 is removed from the wine (as it would be with other types of pump), neither are the fragrances, aromas and flavours.

The Rotho tube has been designed to maintain the full chemical and physical characteristics of the product. The elasticity of the "ultra-soft sheath" of food quality rubberallows the tube to return rapidly to its original shape after compression by the rollers, thus preserving the pumped product until it reaches its destination.
The tube is the result of 20 years' experience and research into elastomers with the ideal resistance, elasticity and delicacy for transferring food products, and makes this pump totally unique.

Rotho® peristaltic pumps

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