Peristaltic pumps to transfer paints and pigments

Wall paints, grouts, resins and colourants are often chemically aggressive and abrasive. Rotho pump tubes are available in a wide variety of materials suitable for transferring paints and pigments with different acidity and chemical characteristics.

The ability of the Rotho to pump from a depth of -8.5 m solves material transfer problems impossible for other types of pump.
There is no contact between the abrasive product and the mechanical parts of the pump, therefore maintenance of the pump is limited to replacement of the tube only, giving the Rotho pump and unequalled working life.

Rotho® peristaltic pumps

Contact us indicating the material to pump. We will send you an offer for the most efficient model for your use. 

Rapid flushing with the retractable roller system

The retractable roller device rapidly frees the tube from the grip of one of the two rollers, allowing "flushing" to be performed whenever necessary. It avoids the tube being stressed by the compressing action of the rollers, particularly in the presence of aggressive and/or high-temperature washing fluids.

The roller release device can be operated in perfect safety by an external lever.

The retractable roller device is recommended for all processes involving the pumping of fluids with a tendency to settle and create blockages after a period of inactivity to keep the tube clean and avoid unexpected and damaging clogging. It can be installed on all Rotho pumps in the MS series and the PSF1 model.

Retractable roller system

An indispensable accessory for washing, flushing and sanitising tubes. Available for all the MS series and the PSF1 model.