Peristaltic pump to transfer foods and beverages

When transferring foods like juices, pulps, ground products and pastes, the Rotho peristaltic system offers major advantages:


  • The simple, gentle pumping action preserves the quality of products whose organoleptic stability is fundamental.
    The is therefore the best system for transferring fragile delicate products like foods.
  • It avoids contamination as the substance circulates inside the tube without coming into contact with the mechanical parts of the pump.
  • It guarantees the hygiene and cleanliness indispensable in this sector.
    It allows total CIP and SIP sterilisation of the tube and connectors in contact with the food products.

CIP and SIP washing with the retractable roller

The retractable roller device rapidly frees the tube from the grip of one of the two rollers, allowing CIP and SIP washing to be performed whenever necessary. This avoids the tube being stressed by the compressing action of the rollers, particularly in the presence of aggressive and high-temperature washing liquids.

The retractable roller device can be operated in maximum safety using a dedicated external lever.

The retractable roller system enables all components in contact with the product to be kept clean and sterilised in accordance with international hygiene regulations and standards.
It is available for all Rotho pumps in the MS series and the PSF1 model incorporated in a food production process.

Rotho® peristaltic pumps

Contact us indicating the material to pump. We will send you an offer for the most efficient model for your use. 

Retractable roller system

An indispensable accessory for washing, flushing and sanitising tubes. Available for all the MS series and the PSF1 model.