Peristaltic pump for dosing chemical substances

In the chemical sector, Rotho peristaltic pumps demonstrate their great adaptability to work in extreme situations with corrosive and aggressive fluids.

Depending on the characteristics of the product to be transferred, the tube is carefully selected from a wide range of available materials.
As the product comes into contact with the tube only and not with the mechanical parts, the pump functions optimally, guaranteeing maximum working life. Maintenance and machine downtime for tube replacement are minimal.

Thanks to its characteristics, the Rotho pump is ideal for dosing chemicals as the precision necessary to ensure mixing with guaranteed parameters is maintained over an extended period of time.

Rotho® peristaltic pumps

Contact us indicating the material to pump. We will send you an offer for the most efficient model for your use. 

When dosing difficult products such as sodium hypochlorite which forms a gas during transfer, the efficiency of the Rotho peristaltic pump remains unaltered as it transfers both the liquid and the cushion of air it produces without clogging the line and without losing pumping capacity.

Retractable roller system

The retractable roller system may be particularly useful in this context. This device rapidly frees the tube from the grip of one of the two rollers to allow "flushing" whenever necessary, avoiding the tube being stressed by the compressing action of the rollers, particularly in the presence of aggressive and/or high-temperature washing fluids.

The retractable roller device can be operated in perfect safety by an external lever.

All Rotho MS series pumps and the PSF1 model incorporated in a work process involving the pumping of fluids with a tendency to settle and create blockages after a period of inactivity can benefit from the retractable roller system to keep the tube clean and avoid unexpected and damaging clogging.

Retractable roller system

An indispensable accessory for washing, flushing and sanitising tubes. Available for all the MS series and the PSF1 model.