Peristaltic pumps for biogas plants

Running a biogas plant means having to transfer liquid manure, animal dung and associated materials such as straw, brushwood and small stones.
The biomass (ground and macerated plant material) is also conveyed in liquids over long distances.

The Rotho peristaltic pump is ideal to move these materials as the absence of valves and seals eliminates the risk of blockage or clogging.

The Rotho pump can solve material transfer problems impossible for other types of pump, thanks to its ability to pump from a depth of -8.5 m, guaranteeing continuous operation with constant gas production.

The Rotho pump can also operate dry without burning out or damaging the tube.

Rotho® peristaltic pumps

Contact us indicating the material to pump. We will send you an offer for the most efficient model for your use.