AISI 316 Piston Pump

Unique technology, guaranteed sturdiness, high quality materials, advanced production processes and rigorous testing combine to make Ragazzini piston pumps a legend in the wine-making industry.
The Ragazzini AISI 316 piston pump satisfies the most diverse needs and can pump:

  • aggressive and abrasive liquids like tartaric acids and lees
  • hot liquids at 100° C
  • viscous liquids
  • slurry and activated sludge
  • fruit purée at high pressure

The Ragazzini piston pump has always been a byword for quality. Since it was invented in 1921, it has proved able to solve pumping problems impossible to resolve with other pumps of the same type.
Its unusually essential, elongated and angular shape (criticised by aesthetes and widely admired among technical experts) is the result of the technology inside: long narrow cylinders, robust sector movements and overdimensioned dampers.

High performance with all types of fluid

A double acting piston, longer than the diameter of the cylinder, produces a high compression ratio and higher flow rates from lower rpm. This is not only mechanically advantageous, but also delivers a more regular and compact flow and greater pumping capacity thanks to less dead space. The result is high performance with all types of fluid, liquid or dense, hot or cold, even with a high gas content.

Financial savings

A sector movement system guided by a double support ensures perfect piston alignment and delivers the regular thrust necessary for correct operation of the piston gaskets and PTFE gland rings. This reduces energy dispersion and mechanical wear, with evident financial savings.

More effective damping

The shape, size and position (directly on the intake and outlet tubing) of the dampers or pulsation attenuators distribute working pressures uniformly, avoiding turbulence in the pumped fluid. With such high damping near the tubing where the pressure is discharged, the effects of alternating pressures are totally eliminated.

Easier and safer flow reversal

The four-way reversal ball cock with interchangeable PTFE seals guarantees:

  • a longer working life
  • minimal manoeuvring effort
  • a perfectly sealed cast ball
  • the possibility of reversing flow with the pump in operation

The advantages of the Ragazzini piston pump for your production process

  • Sturdiness and integrity
    The pump body is cast in a single piece of AISI 316. There are no welds or joints between the parts, guaranteeing sturdiness and integrity even under prolonged stress.
  • More than 40 years’ working life
    With simple regular maintenance, Ragazzini AISI 316 piston pumps last an average of 40 to 50 years.
  • High performance with all fluids
    The high compression ratio means higher flow rates at lower rpm.
  • Eliminates the effects of alternating pressures
    No turbulence in the pumped fluid.
  • Less energy dispersion and mechanical wear
    Perfect piston alignment and regular thrust ensure optimum functioning of the piston gaskets and Teflon-coated gland rings.
  • Able to work in difficult conditions
    The Ragazzini pump can easily transfer wines or concentrated musts over great distances or to great heights (at high pressures), it can pump liquids at a distance, or at a depth of 8-9 m, common conditions in large wineries, distilleries or on ships.

AISI 316 Piston Pump

Contact us indicating the material the plant will transport. We will send you an estimate for the most efficient model for your use.