Series and Models Rotho pumps for industry

The entire range of Rotho pumps currently consists of a full 16 models with flow rates/hour from 0.001m³ to180 m³, pressure up to 15 bars and the possibility of satisfying a vast number of applications.

Today the series of Rotho peristaltic pumps is one of the most extensive and diversified in the world for transferring slurries, fluids with suspended solid parts and fragile, abrasive, corrosive and viscous liquids.

The Ragazzini pumps are able to work in a potentially explosive environment according to the regulations ATEX II 2G h IIB T4 Gb - II 2D h IIIB T=135°C Db

PSF series

Ideal for precise dosing of chemical fluids and fragile, compound, abrasive, corrosive and polluting liquids, even at high pressure. In the OEM version they can also be integrated in skids or existing process plant and are ideal for automatic control by inverters or electronic systems.

MS series

For processes requiring medium flow rates and the transport of products with suspended solid parts or fragile and sensitive products; ideal for 24h applications and conditions of prolonged stress.

SDF series

For processes requiring medium/high flow rates of activated sludge and dense products to be conveyed over long distances and/or pumped from considerable depths, together with very delicate products needing a wide bore.

SDR series

The Rotho SDR series includes a range of 4 pumps reaching up to 180m³/h for evacuating and pumping mining slurry, sludge from water treatment, activated sludge and for all applications requiring the transfer of large masses of liquids.