Construction characteristics and technical details of the Rotho Pump

The Rotho peristaltic pump dates back to 1983. Since then, continuous product research has enabled Ragazzini to improve the Rotho pump, introducing unique construction characteristics, materials and accessories to make it one of the leading products on the market.

  • Robust body with suitable cast iron or anticorodal aluminium ribs
  • Polystyrene casings and covers with inspection window
    Transparent Plexiglas cover and guide
  • Cast iron or steel rotor with the possibility of adjusting roller pressure on the tube to suit the production process
  • The rotor rests directly on a double-bearing rotor support for high resistance to high pressures and prolonged operating stress. The reduction gear shaft fits directly into the rotor support
  • Cast iron or stainless steel rollers on double-seal bearings with a further oil seal for total protection against chemical agents; adjustable system to regulate pressure on the tube
  • Weld connectors, flange connectors, ANSI, UNI, DIN, SMS, RJT, Clamp, BSP and INOX / PVC / PP / TITANIUM half connectors for coupling inside the tube
  • Extra thick stainless steel support frame
  • Stainless steel or PVC pulse dampers of different sizes and types to absorb pulsations during use

Safety device

All models (*) are fitted with a float sensor in the bottom of the pump to detect possible leaks of liquid caused by a ruptured tube. When the liquid leaks from the tube, gravity causes it to enter the sensor housing. The float rises up and, by means of a connection on the electrical panel, stops pump operation.
This reduces contact between the pump and possibly aggressive liquids to a minimum.

* The device is optional on the PSF series