Peristaltic pump for industry

Conveys sensitive, viscose and abrasive fluids and fluids containing solid parts without clogging

Rotho® for Industry

Ragazzini Pumps since 1921

Innovative, Reliable, Made-in-Italy Pumps

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Rotho® Peristaltic Pump

Delicate pumping to avoid product damage or contamination

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Experts in conveying grapes

To preserve aromas and parfumes in wine making

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AISI 316 Piston Pumps

Guarantee of reliability and quality over time

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Ragazzini Made in Italy Peristaltic and Piston Pumps

Rotho® Peristaltic Pump Industry

A winner in the ceramic, oil and mining industries...

Rotho for industry

piston pump

Sturdiness and high performance, a leader in the wine-making sector

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Rotho® Peristaltic Pump for wine-making

To transport grapes, wine and must while preserving quality

Rotho for Wine-Making

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The latest Ragazzini innovations

New Rotho® SDR series

The new Rotho® series includes a range of 4 pumps reaching up to 180m3/h for evacuating and pumping mining slurry, sludge from water treatment, activated sludge and similar.

Ragazzini has been making pumps since 1921 in Faenza, Italy.
Thousands of Ragazzini piston pumps are used to transport grapes.
The company's success continues with the Rotho® peristaltic pump.
Today it distributes its products in 52 countries throughout the world.

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